Thursday, April 28, 2011

A pig, a pennant, and a PC

My husband emailed me this picture from the grocery store.  They are having an authentic whole hog roast.

Seriously?  If I saw this going into the grocery store, I'm fairly certain that would be the end of my shopping trip.  


That's enough to make me a vegetarian.


The other night I found Rowyn doing a little networking on my laptop.

I'm pretty sure she burned her retinas.


Buntings, pennants, garlands...whatever you call them, are all the rage right now.  Etsy has a lot of different versions to buy, but if you have a printer, some scissors, and ribbon or twine, you can make your own.

Thanks to TwoBrunettes you can download the full alphabet for free over at Ruffled. There are different colors, patterns, and even a heart spacer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tents and booze

Last night we made tent city in Riley's room.

The girls decided to sleep in there (Cooper wasn't feeling well, so he passed on it).

As usual, it started out well, everyone snuggled up together...but inevitably fights break out and screaming ensues.

Clyde and I give them a warning.
And another warning.
And another warning...this time the ultimatum.
Then another warning...because we were watching Body of Proof and didn't really mean we were going to jump right up and deal with it.
So, several more warnings and finally Rowyn had to come out.
Camdyn went to her bed.
And ultimately, Riley was the only one that slept in the tent.

I went and got one of these out of the freezer.
After all that parenting, I deserved one.  Right?

It was my first time trying a frozen drink in a weird does that sound? My aunt used to keep wine in a box in her fridge, my family is classy like that. Anyway, it wasn't bad...tonight I'm trying pomegranate acai margarita version.


Have you seen Sarah + Abraham

 Some seriously cute stuff! Go check out their shop.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

My husband and I were discussing how much Easter has changed since we were kids.  

We never got toys for Easter...candy in our baskets was a big enough indulgence.

Is the true meaning of Easter being lost to the commercialism of the holiday? 

We strive to have a perfect holiday for our children.  To have the best gifts, to have them wear the most beautiful outfit, to cook the perfect meal, served on a picturesque table.

I fully believe there is a difference between wanting nice things for our family and 'keeping up with Joneses'.  That's what is hardest for me.  I struggle with this every day.  

Always comparing.  Always wishing.  Always wanting.

I read a quote recently by Lysa TerKeurst and it really hit home,

“How dangerous it is to hold up the intimate knowledge of our imperfections against the outside packaging of others.”

I really need to work on being thankful for what I have...and really, more often than not, someone that appears to have it all.  Someone that appears to be perfect.  Is actually just the opposite.

So, it seems the bunny did bring the kids each a toy this year, but I think he may be rethinking it next year...
Easter morning...started way too early.  6:30 am = yuck!

Rowyn got Max and Ruby, her fav!

Ready for church.  
Due to someone who shall remain nameless, we missed the church we planned on attending, because of a time mix up.  We ended up going to the Cathedral downtown.  I haven't been there in years and I'd forgotten what a beautiful church it is.

After church, we headed to Grammy and Papa's for an egg hunt

It is so neat to watch their excitement!

And to see big sister...

help little sister.
And to watch big sister give little sister eggs from her basket, because she has less.

Some little squirrel must have gone on his own easter egg hunt, because we found this one chewed open and empty of its goodies.

Rowyn telling Daddy all about the hunt and everything she found.
Sitting down to Easter dinner, my mom made a wonderful meal for all of us.  We are blessed.
The only thing that would have made it better, would have been for all my siblings to have been there.  We missed them.

If you have a weak stomach or don't like blood, you probably shouldn't read ahead.  

We got home that evening and the kids went right out to play.  It couldn't have been more than ten minutes and we heard Cooper screaming.  

He crashed his bike and cut his arm on a bolt on the street light.

Off to the ER we went for stitches.

Not exactly the ending to Easter we were hoping for, but he's okay and it certainly could have been worse.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eggs and Oliver

On Saturday, we colored eggs at my mom and dad's house.

This is my mom's cat, Oliver.
He hates EVERYONE but my mom.
He jumps on the refrigerator for a better vantage point to slash us as we walk by.

If I make my eyes into slits, you'll see I mean business.

He's laughing at me?  Mocking me?
And now the fangs.  He's pissed.  He wants to shred us all.
Such a wonderful creature.
Here kitty, kitty, come lay behind the car while I back up.
Okay, okay, I'm kidding...but he certainly lets it be known it is his house and he wants no company.

We carefully proceeded with egg coloring...

My sister Meghan helping Rowyn.
I'm quite certain Rowyn broke every.single.egg she touched.

Grandpa always makes one green egg for himself.
That's all of the egg coloring chaos he can deal with.

It does get very loud.
The eggs are all colored in a nanosecond.
Inevitably, someone spills egg dye.

But, the kids love it...and it's something we all get to do together.

And I'm thankful for that.  

Not everyone can get away with coloring eggs in your big girl pants. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A posy and pencils

 The fabric I won from Sis Boom arrived in the mail the other day.  It's even more gorgeous in, vibrant, beautiful!  With all the chaos here lately, I've only had time to make a flower posy.  I wore it to work the other day and had several compliments on the colors.  Heck ya, they're gaw-jus!


I LOVE this carrot centerpiece from Wants and Wishes.  Simple. Colorful. Perfect.

Check this out!

Miniature art on the tip of a pencil.  Made using only a sewing needle, a razor blade, and a sculpting knife.  For reals!  Meet Dalton Ghetti.  Simply amazing.  I love that people can see beauty and potential in everything.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April and art

Just another beautiful April day in Iowa.

Really, enough already.

April showers bring May yard better look like a freaking bouquet in a few weeks.

Riley's 3rd grade class chose local landmarks and recreated them with inspiration from artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.  Riley's rendition of Julien Dubuque's Monument was one of 20 out of over 80 artworks that was chosen for the Dubuque Architecture Days Art Show. 

We're super proud of her, especially since she is very critical of herself when it comes to art.  I hope this helps her realize she's a great little artist...even though we've been telling her that all along. :)