Monday, June 25, 2012

This week...

 Last week started out well.

 Since Clyde was working downtown, he was able to take his lunch break with us at swimming lessons.

 She started off excited to go off...

 But ended up thinking twice about it.  A lifeguard finally had to throw her off.  I thought for sure she'd be the first one to go off. 

 Flirting with the life guard. ;)

 Rowyn loved the diving board.

They wrapped up lessons on Thursday by going down the slide.

Everyone had a great time.
The weather was beautiful for all but one day.
The kids decided they want to take lessons at Sutton Pool again next year.

We went to Camdyn's soccer game.

Where she was a scoring machine...eight goals!

Riley's softball team also had a tournament.  I missed most of the games, but was able to see her crank on one ball for her second triple of the day.  She also had a double and a hand full of singles.  Her team had a bad inning the first game that cost them the win and again in their third game.  They had a good time though and it's great experience for them...especially the girls who are playing for the first time this season.

After the tournament, we went to Champps for dinner.  It was the first time just the six of us have been out to eat in a long time.  


The rest of the week...not so great.

The patio table lost to a gust of wind and the umbrella.  Thankfully, no one was injured.

Camdyn and Cooper were scratched and bitten by a dog. The moron owner (who claims not to be the owner) didn't have any information on whether it has had shots or not.  The dog isn't vicious, just not trained...we blame the owner who left the dog run lose half the time.  Twice I found it eating a glass bottle in their front yard.  They're completely oblivious.  The kids were put on antibiotics while we waited to hear from the police on the shot record.

They called today and the dog has not had it's rabies shot.  Ugh.

But...that wasn't even the worst part of the week.

My dad, who was just fishing with the kids a few days earlier, had another heart attack.  We think it was number five, but honestly have lost track.  While getting yet another stent put in, they found that he has a major artery to his brain that is 99% occluded. So he is at high risk for a stroke.  Throw in a few clogged carotids and he's a medical nightmare.

He is home from the hospital now, but is far from out of the woods.

I have this sign hanging in my living room.
It is my motto this week.

Everything IS gonna be okay.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My sister, Meghan, took the kids on a fishing adventure last weekend.

Grandpa went along too to teach them about fishing.

Sometimes it's tough being patient and waiting for a bite, so Camdyn found other things to amuse herself.

Perhaps their lack of bites had something to do with the 100 pound moose jumping in and swimming in the water. 
We're just glad Tucker made it through his knee surgery and is on his way back to 100%.  Booth has missed him!

There were several fish caught that day, but Camdyn caught the biggest...and was she ever proud of herself!

Later, Meghan took them all to my parents for a sleepover.  Tucker found himself a head rest on the way there.

Rowyn apparently fell asleep half under the bed...whatever works, I guess.

The kids had a great time and I'm pretty sure they wore Papa and Meghan out that day.

Thank you for making memories with them! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

2001~you became a Daddy.

Riley loved her Daddy...and he, her.

In 2003, he got his little boy.

They were his world.

And that little boy wanted to be just like his Daddy.

Then, in 2005 another little girl was lucky enough to have such an amazing daddy.

She even looked just like her Daddy.

He was the perfect daddy to our three kids.

In 2008, his last princess was born.  She too looked just like her daddy, so we named her Rowyn, which means little red one.

You protected her and all of our children.

You play games with them.
You read books to them.
You take them on school field trips.
You go to their games as their biggest fan.
You cuddle with them.
You provide for them.
You love them, forever and always.

Thank you for being the best daddy they could ever ask for.

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated at my parents house on Saturday.  Clyde and my dad each had a big old steak.

The kids roasted hot dogs on my parents outdoor fireplace.  Nice look, Meg.

As a surprise, my mom made rice pudding for Clyde, a recipe his mother used to make.  It's hard to believe she's been gone ten years now. He loved the pudding and I'm sure it brought back memories.  

My mom made him one of her homemade cards.  Love it!

Camdyn made him signs and posted them all over the house. :)

We ended Father's Day with our weekly kickball game.  Parents vs kids.  Ha!

We even gained a few players this time.  
Welcome Porter and Hancock families!