Friday, April 12, 2013


Instafriday it is!

The new house lot is nothing but a mud hole right now.
Booth is revelling in it.

We have daffodils all over the house right now.
Something that simple makes me smile.

Volleyball has wrapped up for the season.
She really has a great team, they all get along so well.
The coaches are awesome too.
Can't wait for next year!

I figured out the key to getting her to take an afternoon nap is to leave her in her pj's all day.
That's parenting at its best, folks! 

Have you tried these yet? worth the calories!

It appears my bed has been taken over by children.

Rowyn using her "nose clipper" after Booth tooted.
Dog toots are the worst.

I decided to repaint and organize the pantry.
On the first day of spring break.
Worst idea ever.

It's finished...and it became very obvious I need to go grocery shopping...stat.
I forgot how fast they go through food when they're home all day.

I made a burrito I found on Pinterest, added some tomato, spinach and plain greek yogurt and it was a tasty dinner!  It made enough that I got four meals out of it.  

I made a wreath for spring.
Then went back and added more embellishments, because it was boring.
Now if it would quit raining and we could enjoy spring, I'd be happier!

My aunt, Gigi, and my mom both made cards for Clyde's birthday.
Love the fire Gigi added!
Crafty sisters, aren't they?!

Speaking of crafty, Lumpy made all sorts of glittery goodness for her Daddy on his birthday.
Camdyn is the queen of going through the recycling bin and making crafts.
In fact, yesterday she came home with four empty Kleenex boxes she found in the recycling bin at school.  Who knows what she's got planned.

So you know all those recipes popping up all over Facebook?  
They drive me nuts.
Yet, I still made a few of them. Ha.
I made the taco bake with Dorito's
And Booth made dogshaming status for the above charge.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter 2013

 We colored eggs at Grammy and Grandpa's again this year.

 It was wild and chaotic, as usual.  If you weren't sure, Camdyn's maniacal smile should give it away. ;)

I made a special egg for Meghan. (and then promptly dropped it, if you're wondering why it's cracked) Haha, and I yell at the kids to be careful!

Wondering why I made her this egg?

Because she's crazy lucky...

 She and Carrie hit it big on the crossword lottery.

Yes, those are four zero's behind the 5.

I told my kids and they all promptly listed off things they wanted for their birthdays.  Greedy little buggers.

Easter Sunday started with an egg hunt.
We changed it up a bit so there was no tantrum like last year after Camdyn found the golden egg...HA

So, after instructions...they were off

 It was a whole lot chillier this year than last.

 But not SO chilly that you can't look for eggs. ;)

My mom outdid herself again, the food was amazing.  
My sister's face, not so much. Haha!

Grammy and Rowyn.  

For dessert, she made pink lemonade cupcakes. Cute and delicious!

Rowyn about had a coronary when Meghan claimed all the cupcakes for herself and announced she wasn't sharing.

We had another wonderful Easter, thanks to my mom and all she does to make each holiday unforgettable.  We did miss our family that wasn't able to make it this year, but there's always next year! (hint, hint)

Happy Easter!
(better late than never!)