Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

Petey-Woody-Charlie was here making sure no one was naughty.
Daddy brought home santa cupcakes and a yummy cheesecake.
We did a lot of baking in December...and a lot of eating!

Friends and neighbors, we got together to play games.
Telestrations was pretty hilarious.  We also played Cards Against Humanity, which is essentially Apples to Apples gone wrong. It's inappropriate, yet hysterical.  We loved it. Ha!  

Riley and her class did presentations about Colonial Williamsburg.
She has mad skills doing string games.  She demonstrated Jacob's ladder and several other things that I would certainly have made into knots.

We spent most of the Christmas holiday at my parents house.

My brother and his wife (and their two fur babies) were home for Christmas this year.
Rowyn called him "Weird Beard" most of the holiday, to go along with "Sty Eye", the endearing name she made up for my mom when she had a sty in her eye.  Clearly, she excels at rhyming...and name calling.

The kids settled down for our annual Christmas Eve picnic.

This guy did dishes.
Love him.

We set the train up around the tree, which was derailed more times than I can count.
I used brown paper and twine for wrapping paper this year.
Tom and Jerry's...yummo!
The stockings were all hung by the chimney with care...

Christmas morning started with crying.  Someone was jealous.

Because someone else got her own personal trampoline.

He wanted Halo 4, instead he got a Halo figure.
Santa must have known there was too much shooting in the video game. ;)

The tears quickly ended when she started unwrapping.
Distraction, such a good thing.

Happy she got her incredibly creepy Lalaloopsy doll.

OMG...a 1D toothbrush!!! 
She won't even throw the box away.
Young boy band love.  

Right in the middle of it all.
Boothie, of course.

A view of the chaos, post-wrapping paper pick up.
Rowyn is eating some sort of candy, gotta be sure to start rotting your teeth at 6 am.

Christmas night, we went to my parents.

The Hickey's were all together this year...I'm so thankful we could be.  

After dinner, we opened gifts and jealous tantrum #2 for the day ensued.

The next night we had our annual fondue dinner, except this year...

Brendan and Christina brought their chocolate fondue pot for dessert.  Oh.My.Heaven.

After Christmas, we got together with my sister Kathleen and her family.  We miss them and don't get together nearly often enough.

Christmas week was perfect.
Spent with family and friends.
I wouldn't have it any other way.