Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fever, Feet, and Football

I had an extra kid home with me today.
Yesterday, he came home from school with a headache, stomach ache, and a 102° fever.  I thought for sure he had Strep.  So, off to Acute Care, only to find out it's a virus and apparently one they've been seeing quite a bit of this past week.
Since he still had a fever at bedtime, no school for him today.

Of course, he feels fine today...definitely well enough for video games.

His mouth is a little sore, he got his expander today.  The first phase of his orthodontic work...and my first $600 payment towards his $2400 bill.  Ouch.

Tomorrow I'm headed to the Pappajohn Pavilion to see Dr. Phinit Phisitkul.  I was referred by Ortho here to a foot and ankle surgeon at the University of Iowa, after my MRI and bonescan came back abnormal. 

Speaking of the University of you know what Saturday is?!

Go Iowa!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We're keeping it pretty low key today.
I feel crappy. 
The weather is crappy. 
Booth smells crappy.  

Rowyn and her princess friends chilled and watched The Little Mermaid.
You didn't know Snow White went blonde, did you?
It's hard to tell, but Jazmine is sitting on her bo hunk, Ken's lap...clearly snobbing the other princesses. 

Mommy sipped on coffee

...and dreamt of these wire hanging baskets from Ballard Designs to hold the mass amounts of paperwork coming home with the kids on a daily basis.  I am so sick of it stacking up on the counter in one big enormous stack.  Then when people stop by, I have to find a drawer to shove it in...and let me tell you, the drawers have no room for stuffing.  Clyde thinks I'm nuts, that I can't just leave it sit there...but I'm far too anal for that.

So, when Ballard realizes I can't pay $35 a piece for one of their cute, practical, yet pricey hanging baskets and they decide to mark them 75% off...then maybe my crappy day wouldn't be so crappy. ;)

Monday, August 29, 2011


Yesterday, we went on a family bike ride on the Heritage Trail.  Since we had flooding this summer, parts of the trail were closed, but we were still able to go about 5 miles. 

We took a break at Graf Park.  Graf has a big old population of about 75.  Exciting night life there, I'm sure.

The kids played.

And thought about a potty break.
Until they saw that the potty was really a big hole.
Rowyn wanted to know how you flush it. 

Thankfully, the rules at the park were clearly noted.

We had a great time, the weather was perfect, great exercise, and everyone got along without fighting.  Fabulous!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Disney: The Finale

When the sun sets, the castle glows.
It's really neat, because it changes to every color of the rainbow.
The streetlights come on and people find a spot to sit and wait for the big show.

We had reservations at the Tomorrowland Terrace for their fireworks dessert buffet.  It started one hour before the Wishes Fireworks Show, so we had plenty of time to stuff ourselves with sweets before the big finale.

In a word...divine.
I lost track of how many times we went back for more.
Gluttonous?  Yes.  But it's vacation, right?
They also had an ice cream sundae area and a drink area.
It was not only delicious, but it was the perfect spot to watch the fireworks.

The strip of lights off in the distance is Main Street.  If you look closely, you can see all the people waiting for the show.

Grainy video taken from my Ipod, but you get an idea how neat the show is.  About halfway through, you can also hear Rowyn, "Can we go back to the hotel?  Because I'm really tired."  Haha...really, that's because you're in a food coma.  

Then, the fireworks began...and she forgot about being tired!

I cannot thank my family enough for taking us on such a magical trip.  It was amazing.  Walking into Disney is like walking into another world.  Really, it fact, we didn't see a single mosquito or a single fly...there is no garbage, no's bizarre. 

I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to take our kids to Disney, it's a trip they will surely never forget.

My dad must have enjoyed it just as much...he's already talking about going back in 2 years. ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


With the kids back in school, I was finally able to get some things done around here.  Cleaned windows, washed curtains, cleaned bathrooms, organized paperwork...and, of course, "fayed" (played) with Rowyn, because she was one bored little girl.

I had enough ingredients leftover from the neighborhood party to make another batch of puffs for dessert.  Easiest recipe ever and so delicious.

What you'll need:

1 pack of ready to bake sugar cookies, 24 count
1 tup of Cool Whip
1 tup of Philadelphia Whipped cream cheese
¼ cup sugar
Berries (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, whatever you like)
Mini muffin pans
Pam cooking spray
A tart shaper or in my case a wooden juicer, whatever you can find to work

Liberally spray your mini muffin pans with Pam and place one sugar cookie in each opening.  

Bake cookies according to package.
Remove cookies a minute or two before they're finished.
Immediately press the center down on each cookie with your tart shaper.  Allow them to cool for a few minutes and then transfer them to a cooling rack.

Combine Cool Whip, cream cheese, and sugar on high until well combined and light and fluffy. 
Afterall, you want your puffy...fluffy. ;)

Using a pastry bag or gallon ziplock with the corner cut off, pipe the filling into each puff.

Finish off with your favorite berry.
Or in my husband's opinion...skip the berry and leave them plain.

For dinner, I made a Lighter Baked Macaroni and Cheese recipe I found thanks to Caitlin.  I substituted Ritz crackers for the whole wheat bread crumbs...picky kids.  Otherwise, I followed her recipe exactly.   

For my dessert, Clyde brought me home some wine from Mad Housewife Cellars.
Do you think he's trying to tell me something?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


On Monday, the kids had orientation.
They saw their classrooms, brought their supplies, and talked about their schedules for school.

Camdyn told me she wasn't excited about her first day.
I think everyone was just a little anxious.

Tuesday was their first full day.

Backpacks all ready to go.

I must have said something pretty funny to get them all to smile.
Lumpy is geeking out!

Camdyn's first day of Kindergarten!

Cooper's first day as a 3rd grader.

Riley's first day of 4th grade.

Rowyn insisted she have her picture taken, as well.
She says it is her first day of school at her pink school, where Mrs.Green will be her teacher.

Waiting for the bus...Lumpy looks a little nervous.

Clyde, Rowyn, and I drove up to school to watch them go in.
One excited little girl!

After school, Rowyn, Booth, and I walked up the street to meet the bus.

Rodiggity got all dressed up for the occasion.

She showed me how far she could jump in her boots.
Hooker boots are, afterall, perfect for the long jump.

Camdyn couldn't wait to tell me how her first day went...
Lots of stories, coloring, singing in music class, "gross" lunch, jump roping at recess, and she did manage to get in trouble for yelling "Hi, Jack!" to our neighbor when she saw him sitting in his classroom on her way down the hall.

Oh Lump.