Friday, September 28, 2012


Instagram Friday.
Seriously, isn't Instagram one of the best apps out there?

The kids had family fun night at their school this past week.  
Which means they have a great time and come home with a bag load of crap...most of which are noisemakers.
But it is for a good cause.
And the noisemakers always seem to accidentally disappear. ;)

Riley's last softball tournament is this weekend.  Which is good, because basketball season has officially begun.
She'll have practice twice a week, games on Saturdays, and several tournaments.

I love all the colors of fall.
This sky the other day was pretty amazing too.

Digs the little diva had picture day yesterday.
I can't wait to see how they turn out!

The trusses were delivered. 
This on is going on the garage so they can start the second floor walls.
That little door in the middle of the truss is for my closet.  Progress!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hodge Podge

Just a hodge podge of pictures from this week...

The kids went with Papa and Aunt Meghan to see the American Gothic statue downtown.

Camdyn and Camden went on a date.
Or got married.
Or whatever they were playing.
Wait until Angie and I break these pictures out later in life! ;)

Riley's doll, Angelina, came back from the American Girl hospital.  
When Rowyn chopped her own hair, she thought Angelina needed a trim as well. 
Grammy came to the rescue and sent her in for Riley.
She came home as good as new, with a cute hospital gown and bracelet.
Thank you, Grammy!

Someone parked so close to me the other day I had to climb across the passenger seat to get in.
I was wishing I had some of these cards printed.
It might be wise to keep some in the glove box.

We watched the Pukers beat the Bears last night.
Not a good way to start my fantasy picks for the week.

Rowyn's buddy Quinn had his first football game last week.  
She missed the game, otherwise, she surely would have been his biggest little cheerleader!
Of course, she'd only yell, "Go Finny Go!"
No one else would have gotten any cheers. 
That's how she rolls.

The two medicine cabinets for the kids' bathroom came in this week.  
I've also ordered their pedestal sinks, shower curtain, and found some inexpensive hexagonal tile at Home Depot.

I think I'm ordering these vintage style school lights from Lighting Direct unless I can find them locally.
I also like the idea of a drum shade style light for the foyer and dining room.

So many decisions.
I'm not good at making them.
They're so final...and I like to change my mind.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coming together

I caught Rowyn chillin' out watching her Daddy build our new house. 
It's neat seeing the progress they're making now.

The first floor walls are framed.

This will be the view from from our living room.

We are building a new home.
And unfortunately, our neighbor lost his.

5:30am on Sunday we woke up to someone ringing the doorbell, someone pounding on the door, the phone ringing, and the dog barking.  

It was our neighbors, they told us our next door neighbor's house was on fire.

I didn't know how bad the fire was, so I grabbed my camera and headed out the front door.

This was the sight when I came through the door.
Panic set in.
A sheriff arrived and told us we needed to get everyone out of the house.
We huddled the kids and dog together and pulled our car out.
The little girls were so scared, so after settling them down, we had them watch a movie in the car.  It distracted them and was just what they needed.

We huddled with our neighbors in shear disbelief of what was happening.

When the sun finally rose, the fire was out, and we got our first views of the shell of a house left.

It is still surreal.
When I see the house it is still hard for me to believe this happened.

I will tell you that the entire situation is a sad one.  
For everybody involved.
The news doesn't always tell the whole story.
My heart breaks for everyone affected by this tragedy.

We have come together.
Cried together.
Laughed together.
Hugged together.
We will get through this.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grandparent's Day and a Fairy

On Monday, Rowyn's school held Grandparent's Day.
They set it up so they could show them all the different things they do in a day.

Apparently, her first station was dress-up, because it appears she forgot to take her ears off. ;)


My mom is so amazing. The kids haven't seen this yet, but she made a fairy home in a big tree in her back yard.
My kids are going to go crazy when the see it!