Friday, February 08, 2013

Catching Up

I'm doing a great job of this whole sporadic blogging thing.
Honestly, I don't think I've had my good camera out since Christmas. So, Instagram's you get... 

Good thing she's getting a big girl bed in the new house.
Sharing it with that behemoth doesn't leave much room for little girls.

I've been fabric shopping for pillows and curtain fabric.
This Riley Blake chevron is perhaps the happiest fabric I've ever laid eyes on.

Riley's club volleyball team, Dynamite, got second place recently in a tournament.  They played REALLY well and were up against older girls.  Very proud of them!

What do you think of the new JT song?
I'm digging his new look.  Hello, gorgeous!

Speaking of gorg, how bout my new do by Rodiggity?

Riley's team played in the Iowa Games again this year.
They wound up taking second place. Way to go, Lady Stangs!

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know of my lapse in parenting.  Post dentist office shake.  But really, she didn't bite the dentist or anything, so really she deserved it. ;)

Riley's basketball game at the Boys and Girls Club.
Tantrum, followed by her storming off announcing she wasn't sitting by us anymore.
Oh the drama.

Happy Birthday to my youngest sister, Meghan!!

We celebrated this past weekend...veggie chili, homemade corn bread, and red velvet cheesecake.  Divine!
She and Carrie are off to stay at my sister's house in Lake Geneva for some skiing and snowboarding.  Have fun guys...and no broken arms this time!

Making some new artwork for the girls' room.  I found the image on the Internet and painted an old frame with some leftover pink paint.  I loved that book!

I'm making these Valentine's this year from Tammy Mitchell Design
Clearly, I've lost my ever-loving mind since between the four kids, they need about 90 Valentine's.  Didn't think that one out, did I?

We've had a few showings on the house, which we recently listed on MidwestHomeSellers.  I'm hoping once the weather gets a little warmer, things will pick up.  The new house is coming along slowly, but surely.  With Clyde in school, me working nights and weekends, and all the kids' activities, it's hard to fit in time for him to work on it.  Right now they are gearing up to insulate it and then drywall.  When that's done and it's not so cold in there, I'll try and get some pictures.