Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve ~

We went to St. Patrick's Church this evening, instead of Nativity. What an experience, now I know why we don't make it to Mass every Sunday like we did when it was just Riley. Cooper does not grasp the concept of whispering...he spent most of the service asking me how many more minutes until it was over, while driving Cars up and down the wall.

Camdyn was busy going through my mom and Caitlin's purses. When we gave her money to put in the collection basket, she tried taking more out instead of putting hers in. Riley, whom I expected to be good, wasn't. Clyde finally wound up taking Camdyn to the back of the church where she worked her charm on the ushers. She also, apparently, became the official greeter...waving and telling everyone 'hi' and 'bye'.

Sad to say, but we won't be making it back until Easter. Yep, we've become Chreasters...families that make it for Christmas and Easter. :(

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Foghat's Slow Ride ~
Catch this---Cooper comes flying out of his room with his radio in tow SCREAMING. I imagine Camdyn in his room on the top shelf of his closet or something, so I run to his room, heart pounding as to what I'm going to find when I get in there. Not only is Lumpy not in there, but Cooper is still yelling out in the living room. Want to know what the craziness was about? Foghat's Slow Ride was on the radio and he starts screaming that it's on Bubba's Guitar Hero. Oh my addict!