Friday, May 25, 2012

Today is a gift

We made it through Rowyn's first recital and first year of tap and ballet.  As it stands now, she says she doesn't want to do it again next year.  I'm a little disappointed she doesn't want to do it again next year, but mostly because she really seemed to love being on that big stage.  Maybe I'll ask her again in a few months. ;)  

Rowyn got carnations from us, peonies from Grammy and Grandpa's, and roses from her Finny...

Miss Diggity Dancer was thrilled.  Thanks again, sweet!

Wednesday was her last class, so we brought treats to share with her friends.  Rowyn helped me pack them.  Now to get moving on teacher gifts.  Yikes, not much time is out a week from Monday!  I'll have to check out Pinterest for some inspiration.  Like I'm not on Pinterest checking things out anyway. Ha!

I caught Rowyn heading outside the other morning with bedhead and some flashy glasses.  

We found Lumpy and Booth sound asleep and snuggled up the other night.  She loves that dog...and he her.  He cries and carries on every time she gets home from school.

Speaking of school, Camdyn had her end of the year program this past week.

And it's official, she's a Big K graduate!  She's come a long way this year and we're so proud of her.

With summer vacation just around the corner, the kids and I started our summer to do list.  We're still adding and they've come up with some fun ideas...can't wait to get started checking them off.


I can't end my post without mentioning a brave, beautiful little girl that lost her battle with cancer this week.  She touched more people in her short five years than most people do in a lifetime...many of which she never even met.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Anna and her family.

Yesterday is a memory.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
Which is why it is called the present.

Today is a gift.  Every day with my children is a gift...and I'm not going to waste another minute, because tomorrow is a mystery.  Time to get off this computer and go hug my favorite 3-year-old.

(quote was a buddist saying)

Friday, May 18, 2012


There has been so much going on lately, but flowers are finally getting potted and the garden is getting planted.  As soon as I saw these Gerbera Daises, I knew I had to have them.  I hope they bloom like crazy, so I can cut some and bring them in the house. 

What a happy flower

Riley's school had an Art Fusion program recently.  We were able to have lunch with her, watch them sing, AND watch them square dance.  Riley was paired up with Colton, who happens to be a neighborhood friend as well.  Clyde recorded the whole dance...a video I'm sure we'll use later as blackmail. ;)

Last week, Cooper's class hosted a Mother's Day Tea.  Along with treats and a drink, the kids took turns talking about their moms.  Cooper said I was athletic and was good at catching the ball at neighborhood kickball. He also added that my apple pie is delicious.  I hated to tell him that's because Mrs. Smith made it and was nice enough to sell them in the freezer section.  Ha!

They read from the book Love You Forever...and if us mom's weren't in tears already, that was the clincher.  Thankfully, they ended with a silly song and dance, which I took a picture of and had to promise Cooper I wouldn't post on Facebook.  Luckily for me, I made no such promise about my blog. ;)

Rodiggity had her dance rehearsal the other stinkin cute!  She finally saw where I was sitting on the balcony and flashed me a big smile.

Waves to mom. :)

Their tap song is Tutti Frutti.  Poor girl next to Rowyn clearly wanted nothing to do with the stage.  I don't blame her one bit, that stage is big to begin with and being only three or four-years-old and it must seem gigantic!

Her recital is Saturday and Sunday and I seriously can't wait to see it!

Baseball, softball, and soccer have officially started. Let the craziness begin.

Cooper's favorite position is catcher.  Just like his Mommy played in high school. :)

Our house is coming along, slowly but surely.  We just recently had the house repainted...and I toned the girls pepto bismol pink down and love the new's called Pink Buds.  I kept other colors the same except the kids bathroom and the bathroom downstairs.  We were shooting to list it FSBO on June 1st, but it might be cutting it close.

I'm off this weekend and plan on making the most out of it!  Have a great weekend! :)