Thursday, December 31, 2009

Star Wars, Wii Style

The Wii light sabers came from Santa, one glows red and one glows blue. As you can imagine, they are already causing fights over who gets to be which color. I also don't think Santa planned on how dangerous those things are flying back and forth, you almost need to stand on different sides of the room to ensure no one winds up with a light saber to the head. All that aside, they are a big hit (no pun intended) at our house.

Cooper says, "A Jedi, I am.", in his best Yoda voice.

Baby Peach

The big kids all ditched her, so the wee one colors alone.

Baby Peach has mad skillz.

Whoa, eyes on the're overcorrecting!!

Peach is road rage when you're 18 months.

She didn't win the race, but she was the cutest one on the track! ;)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Matchbox Belly

...and a little round belly,
that shook when she laughed, like a bowl full of jelly.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Ride-On Christmas

Rowyn got three different ride-on toys this Christmas. She loves them and so does somebody else...and no it isn't the kitty.

Cue crazy Camdyn.
She was flying so fast on the bee, she couldn't stay on.

Christmas morning...

Riley was the first to come in our room Christmas morning. She begged us to get up, so Clyde told her to go check and see if Santa even came to our house first. She came back and told us Santa had come and that Cooper was sitting out on the couch, in the dark...waiting. God knows how long he'd been sitting there. So, we all got up and package tearing ensued.

Rowyn got a potty chair from Ho-Ho, how apropos to read about David being 'stinky'.

Excited much, Lump? Oh my veins in your neck.

Cooper and his Transformers DS cover.
Nice focus, Mom.

Riley B...still wearing the shirt her aunt gave her the night before.

We had an amazing Christmas, in fact, Riley told me it was her best Christmas ever. That makes all the wrapping, shopping, and stressing, all worth it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Wedgie

The girls watched Max & Ruby while I swept the kitchen floor. Camdyn wore a Pull-Up wedgie and faux Uggs, it's all the rage you know.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boxers and Guitars

I came out this morning to find Cooper rocking out to a little Joan Jett, I Love Rock and Roll...boxers and all.

Eyes, nose, and mouth

I'm sorry it has been so long since I last blogged. The month of December has been chaotic; between work, the kids schedules, and cyber-shopping, I haven't had much time for anything. My depression is always worse during the winter months too, so my motivation always takes a hit.

Yesterday the kids played school. Riley was the teacher and Cooper and Camdyn the students. One of their assignments was to color an elf Riley had drawn for them.

Camdyn seemed to go for an abstract look.
Miss Riley gave her an E, for exceeds expectations.

Miss Riley gave Cooper an N for needs improvement, because he chose to give his elf pink eye. He subsequently started to cry after hearing his grade and ran to his room, slamming his door behind him. Oh the drama. He explained to me he was coloring the elf to look like him. Yes, pink eye and all. Conjunctivitis is currently reeking havoc in our house...for everyone but Clyde. He'll be next though, because he's been bragging to anyone that will listen how he's the only one that hasn't gotten it. Just wait, Fire, just wait...them there eyes are going to match your hair.

Also making the list of excitement this past week, Camdyn stuck a glittery bead up her nose the other night. I grabbed the tweezers and was just about to perform nasal surgery when she decided to farmer blow it out instead.

Rowyn proved to make things interesting, as well. She is very adept at ripping ornaments off the tree, which isn't that much of a big deal, until she decided to EAT the glass ornament. Yep, chewed the end right off it. She didn't seem to enjoy the flavor, so hopefully, that'll be the last time for that.

After messing with different lotions and prescriptions from her pediatrician, I finally took Camdyn to a dermatologist. She has atopic dermatitis and was given two new prescriptions, as well as, the recommendation to use Aveeno bar soap and to put a cap full or two of regular household bleach in her tub water. The poor girl was covered head to toe in a rash, she had scratched so much, that she had open skin over half her body. So far the new meds seem to be helping, thankfully.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Rowyn's 1st Snow

Daddy and Riley introduce Rowyn to her first romp in the snow. She had some issues with her mittens, but otherwise, she loved it!


We saw our first snow yesterday and Camdyn wasted no time taking her Bilibo for a spin down the hill. It wasn't until she came in that I actually read the directions and realized it wasn't supposed to be used as a sled. Oops. It was good while it lasted...that thing was like watching Clark W. Griswold hit the slopes with his saucer and experimental kitchen lubricant.

Monday, December 07, 2009

St. Nick came!
Judging from her midriff, Nick should have brought a new pair of Dora pj's, instead of the Christmas tea set.

Rowyn thought candy in her shoes was the best thing since sliced bread.

Cooper demonstrates how to open his Bakugan on the front door.

We celebrated Camdyn's birthday tonight with Grammy and Grandpa.

Camdyn's princess castle cake I made. My dad pointed out the 'C' was made out of bananas, which was quite fitting. :P

Happy 4th Birthday, Camdyn Elisabeth! ♥

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Holiday Dishes

I'm crushing on anything bird and anything teal right now, so when I saw these dishes at Macy's my heart skipped a beat. Only the salad plates are available, which is fine, because they're my favorite part.

Dear Santa,
I've been a very good girl this year and just maintaining my sanity with Lumptastic on the loose should earn some sort of bonus points. Don't judge, Ho-Ho, you know she's high maintenance. Anyway, the rest of my list is forthcoming.
I'll bake cookies.



Camdyn turned 4 today. She also picked out her own birthday attire.

She changed her mind on the cowboy boots and opted for cleats instead.

Saying hello to Rowyn...who wanted outside in the worst way.

Typical Lumpy.

We aren't celebrating her birthday until Sunday, but Daddy picked up a birthday cookie for her on his way home from work. She also opened one gift from us, a pink Bilibo. So far it's been used as a stool, a spinning ride, a hat, and a doll carrier. It reminds me of the Koopa Troopa shells from Mario and I imagine it won't be long and someone will toss it just as they do, to take the legs out of some poor unsuspecting sibling.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tomorrow is her birthday

Tomorrow she'll be 4...but today, there are dishes to be done.

Isn't it the best when you have something to hang over their head?

There will be no dessert if you don't clear the table.
There will be no Christmas presents if you keep acting like that.
There will be no friends over if your room isn't cleaned.

If the birthday girl slings the f-bomb again, there will be no birthday.

FYI...she wasn't really doing the dishes, she was farting around in the sink and I caught her red-handed...and scantily-clad, as usual.