Thursday, June 30, 2011


Swimming lessons are going very well.
Rowyn loves her instructor, Miss Megan.
Anything Megan does, Rowyn does.

She follows her all over the pool...
hello, little life guard in the making.
Or perhaps, Bo Derek with her little run going on. haha.

Camdyn got moved up to a higher level yesterday.
Now she's in Cooper's class.
Clyde and I are of course giving him a hard time, since his little sister caught up to him.
Maybe he'll put forth a little more effort now.

After swimming, the kids stayed cool in our pool.
So far no holes from the cats.
It's a little higher, so hopefully they won't attempt it.

Silly faces when they realized they had an audience.

Double-header in softball tonight for Riley.
A baseball game in Dyersville for Cooper.
I'm guessing the pool won't sound so bad later tonight either.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Pink Ladies

The Pink Ladies.

She's pumped and ready to go.
Game on!



Not everyone was enthused with the game.
Some played Rush Hour. 

I told others to stay nearby.
So, she flipped me the bird.
Ok, not really...but I bet she was thinking something similar.
Her ears don't work very well lately.

So, instead of coming back over, she rolled...


the hill.

Camdyn scored four goals.
It was my first night watching her play and I learned very quickly there is an "I" in team for Lumpy.
She's doesn't care who you are, she's all about getting the ball in the goal.

You know on Meet the Fockers when Robert DeNiro does the "eyes on you" gesture with the one and the two finger thing to the eye??  
Yeah, so Lumptastic did that after every goal.
To me.
I was crying I was laughing so hard.
That girl cracks me up.
For real.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fairies and the Fourth

We had some craft time the other day.
We used a fairy book for inspiration, drew them in pencil, outlined them with oil pastels, then painted them with watercolors.

Of course, Rowyn crafted shirtless.  
It helps her feel *one* with her artwork.
Or perhaps she got paint on her shirt and Mommy was too lazy to grab her a new one.

Some clever and cute ideas for the 4th from Bakers Royale

Fruit pops

Vodka spiked stuffed strawberries

Red, white, and blue parfaits from Martha

Patriotic cupcake push pops from Celebrations

Patriotic strawberries from 2cleverblog

Patriotic cocktails by Simply Stated for Real Simple

Monday, June 27, 2011

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons started today...and it was Rowyn's first time.  No more having to watch the big kids from the side.

She wasn't too sure about going with the instructor, but she ultimately followed her.  At one point, she ran to join Camdyn's class, but was swiftly redirected back.  She only left the pool and came over to me a hand full of times...not because of nerves, but to dry off.  Yes, be sure to dry off just to go back in the pool again.  Makes perfect sense.

We got through the first day and everyone wants to go back tomorrow...success.   

A little apprehensive...
 looks like Lumpy is about ready to take a bit outta that poor girls butt.
"...I'll teach you for making me tread water!" ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Damage and Drama

The feline members of our family decided they didn't care for the pool.
So, they popped it.
Not one hole.  Several holes.
Clyde offered to declaw them with his pliers.
Okay, a little extreme.
Maybe a bowl of water outside would be a better solution.
But, we'll leave the pliers option on the table.


I can hardly wait for three teenage girls in the house.
'Cause at three, some are dramatic enough.

Camdyn was yelling at her.
Big deal, get over it drama queen.

She's very much into shoes right now.
None of which are hers.
Those heels are mine.
The chewed heel...courtesy of Booth.

Later, I found her on the phone.
I don't have to worry much about this, because teenagers don't talk on the phone anymore.  They text. 

On the phone, hand on the hip, sporting Lumpy's hooker boots.
Hello, hot mess.

The other day we caught her sucking face.
For like five minutes straight.
Poor Barbie.
Gonna have to watch this one like a hawk.
Or inject a GPS into the back of her neck.
I like that idea.
For all my four of my kids.
Haha...yes, I'm that kind of mom.

She finally realized she had an audience.
Why did I buy binkies, when I could have just offered them a barbie face to suck on.