Friday, February 24, 2012


Friday already...and a snow day here.  It snowed big beautiful flakes all night, it was a really wet, heavy snowfall.  The trees are all coated this morning, you know the pretty snow we were hoping for on Christmas...not the end of February so much.  It's been a really mild winter so I guess I shouldn't complain.

On to Instagram this week...

I made a pin...
Zucchini cakes from  They were really good, but definitely need a sauce to go with.  Clyde used blue cheese dressing, I opted for a little ketchup.  

For dessert another pin, mini banana splits from Bakers Royale.  

Cooper told me they were the best dessert ever.  Guess that means we'll make them again.  Next time, I'll make sure I have maraschino cherries on hand.

Every night Booth tries to sleep in bed with us.  He even creeps up as if we can't see the big 100 lb moose climbing up.  We usually end up pushing him off, because he won't get down.  I guess he gets points for effort.

Spring picture day, which Cooper missed thanks to Strep throat.  Poor kiddo.  

Riley had her first Storm volleyball game.  So fun to watch!

It's official, everyone in our family has now had stitches at least once. 
Believe it or not, it was Lumpy who held out the longest.

And since it's been awhile since Rowyn has given a haphazard singing performance...

Rowyn does a little Kool & the Gang

linking up this week...
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wait, what?

Sometimes my husband and I watch the show Shark Tank
It's a show where entrepreneurs bring their products they've invented and try and get the "sharks" to invest in their business.  Sometimes, there are brilliant ideas...sometimes, not so much.

That brings me to a few products I've seen on Amazon that leave me wondering...what the hell were they thinking?  I wonder who they talked into investing into their bizarre products?

I have to wonder what the rest of your decor looks like if you have a giant snot shooting nose in your shower.

I'm all for baby-wearing, but this gives me the creeps in an exorcist Linda Blair kinda way.

The Chumbuddy.  It's a sleeping bag, it's a shark, and for only $199.99 it's a steal.  With marketing pictures like these, I'm sure kids all over the world would love one for their next sleepover.

The 80-ounce beer belly.  That folks, is called enabling.  And let's be honest, if you're buying this product, you probably don't need another beer belly.

A hands-free toilet flushing foot pedal.  So my kids could pretend they were driving, while I hear the toilet flush over and over.  Fun times.

The girlfriend pillow.  Can't you just picture the type of guy that buys these?  
It actually kind of reminds me of a Mermaidman crossed with Patrick.

I bet they would buy one.

The go girl urination device...
"Go Go Girl is for actvice, traveling and germ-conscious women who don't have access to a sit-down toilet or who don't want to use unfit facilities."

Is it just me or does that sound like an oxymoron?

Anyway, this post was just in fun.  If you come up with the idea and someone buys it, then I guess that's all the matters.  It just goes to show no idea is a stupid idea, there's a lid for every pot, after all.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Our Instaweek...

Spinach, mozzarella, and black bean dip on a whole wheat muffin.  Toasted under the broiler.  Random, but good.

One pissed off kitty.
Three had to go to the vet for a check up.  Three hates the vet.  It scares the shit out of him.  No really.  Like IN the cat carrier.  Yuck.  Although, it did make his stool sample easy to collect. Haha...eww.  Thankfully, the vet tech cleaned it all up for us.

We need a cute animal pic sans the poop story.
Okay, not Instagram...but I saw this little lover on Pinterest and had to share.  Do you think her name is Valentine?

Speaking of Valentine's...someone was practicing being their own Valentine on my bathroom mirror.  My money is on the chapstick and hooker boots junkie. 

Yeah, her.
Perfect attire for the kitchen.

I found Booth in beads and a bow.
Rowyn told me his new name is Strawberry.
He looks embarrassed, doesn't he?

Busy weekend, as usual.  Basketball game, volleyball game, basketball tournament, and of course, I have to work all weekend.  Boo.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Grammy brought her homemade Valentine's Day cards with her when she babysat on Monday.  Rowyn loved hers so much she nearly tackled Grammy with hugs and kisses.

Camdyn's card

Cooper's card

Rowyn's card

Riley's card

the inside

For Clyde and I ♥

Thank you, Mom, we love them!  Hallmark ain't got nothin' on you! ;)

She also made red velvet cupcakes and decorated them with the kids.  I came home that night to these beauties.

She said Rowyn was slightly offended when she shook off the excess sprinkles Rowyn had added.  Grammy explained in order to bite into them without breaking a tooth, it was necessary. Ha!
Anyway, the kids had a great time and are so lucky to have such a fun Grammy.

On Valentine's Day morning, Rowyn and I made the desserts for later that night.   

My pinterest inspired ice cream cookie sandwiches. 

For lunch, I made Rowyn a heart-shaped pb&j, pink yogurt with strawberry heart marshmallows, and cheese on a stick.

We did semi-homemade pizzas for dinner.  Clyde found these pre-made crusts to expedite the process and they wound up being really tasty.  We'll definitely use them again.

It didn't take long for Lump to spill sauce.  It matches well with the black marker above her eye.  She picked out a pink dress and tights to wear to school that day and she came home with her tights shredded from the knee up.  She said it happened in music class.  Perhaps an incident with the triangle?

Today was hat day at school.  The kids could pay to wear a hat and the proceeds went to a teacher battling cancer.

The raspberry love floats were a big hit!

Rowyn even gave a fist pump.  
Must have been tasty. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day spent with the one's you love!  I know I did!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

We're all ready for Valentine's Day.  

Grammy made the girls these cute bracelets.

Camdyn has her outfit picked out and wants her hair done in a heart like this again.

Tomorrow night, we're doing family movie night.  Pinterest has provided plenty of inspiration for dinner, so we're making homemade heart-shaped pizzas, with these Love Potion floats from Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats.

I'm also planning on making these chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches from The Idea Room. 

We all worked together yesterday to get the Valentine's ready for the kids to take to school tomorrow. 

I made the labels on the computer, printed them off, cut, folded, and stapled.  We stuffed them with a hot chocolate mix and strawberry heart-shaped marshmallows.

Etsy inspiration for Valentine's Day...
Love carries all from here

Love one another from here

personalized print from here

The beatles quote from here

I hope you spend tomorrow with all the ones you love!