Saturday, September 07, 2013

Some House Pictures

I keep getting asked about pictures, so I've finally uploaded a few.  The living room, kitchen, and keeping room.

The living room and hall are light french gray from Sherwin Williams.  The kitchen and keeping room are Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams.

Obviously, the fire place isn't finished yet.  We finally picked out the stone for the surround and hope to get it some time next week.  The top will be framed out and a mantel will run the length it.

I love how the ceilings turned out...Clyde did a great job!

The kitchen is close to being finished.  We need to put the hardware on the cabinets, hang some shelves about the coffee station, and we're waiting on on cabinet side so we can finish the crown above the cabinets on the left.  The left cabinet on the far wall houses the microwave.

We didn't like the microwave in the island design you see pretty frequently...too much access for the kids and not easily accessible for adults.  So, we went with a garage style cabinet.  I love that it is hidden away when not in use.  

I'm on the lookout for an old buffet to paint and put on the wall to the left of the keeping room.  

The island is 5 foot by 8 foot and I absolutely love it!  We all fit around it nicely it gives us so much space to drop our junk on. ;)

The porch/deck are just out the french doors. 

So, definitely still a work in progress, but we're getting there.
I'm SO anxious to get the stonework done out front and get some grass!  

Friday, July 26, 2013


We spent a hot afternoon last week with our neighborhood friends.  The kids had a great time!  Everyone got along, no fighting, just loud kid fun.  I love when that happens.

 Rowyn and Sara before the big kid invasion.
Heide gets the pool out and kids show up from all over the neighborhood. Ha!  
While they had fun with buckets, Rowyn appears to be practicing her tumbling in the back. ;)

Camdyn waiting for her appointment at OT.  They are working with her because of some sensory issues she has.  I'm learning things we can do at home with her to help when she gets agitated and upset.  She's had a lot of changes this summer, including an all new med, so we've had some rough patches.  We're hoping to have everything settled before school starts.

Sidewalks are finally in and a permanent reminder of when they were little. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rowyn and the Bella's

So, Rodiggity is straight obsessed with Pitch Perfect.  No really.

The other day she performed for me, Riley's friend caught it on video. :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Three in the loft

Three, the kitty, is nosy enough to climb into Rowyn's attic loft playroom.
And then tries to find the courage to get back down!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Rowyn is 5

Rowyn turned 5 yesterday. 
Seriously had a hard time with that.
We spent the day together, a Rowyn-Mommy day.

 When I told her what we were doing for her special day, she kind of geeked out. :)


 First stop...and her biggest wish...she got her ears pierced.
Girl was happy up until it came time to pierce her second ear, then the tears started.
Thankfully, we got through it and she does have them both pierced.  I was beginning to think she'd be 10 by the time she was brave enough to get the other pierced.

Then we did some shopping.  She was digging the heels at Gap and even did a little dance to entertain shoppers.
The world is her stage.

After shopping, we grabbed an afternoon snack.
Digs had a frosty and fries and Mommy had a caramel latte with almond milk from Jumble.  Good stuff!

Next stop, Moxxie Salon for a spa day!

My stylist, Rose Steffes, (who is AWESOME btw!) did her gorgeous little up-do.

Rowyn was loving it!

After it was finished, she announced she looked like Cinderella and that she wished Rose could do her hair everyday. :)

 Next stop, Mani!

Rowyn opted for green thumbs and purple fingers.

Next up...her first Pedi!

The salon was a major hit.
She loved all the pampering.
Such a fun day, she was out like a light once we got in the car.

After she recharged, we headed to Happy Joe's to celebrate with Grammy and Grandpa.

They blew the horn and announced it was her birthday and she not only stood up for everyone, but she waved to everyone.  
And I mean everyone.
I think her candle about disintegrated into the sundae.

She got a purse with makeup, a wallet, money, gum, and a whole bunch of goodies from Grammy and Grandpa.  
We were home about a nanosecond before she had Camdyn doing her makeup.  She ended up in her words, looking like a zombie princess.

We had a great day.
I hope she doesn't forget about it anytime soon, I know I won't.
Happy Birthday, Rowyn Camille, we love you!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Preschool Graduation 2013

Rowyn had her preschool graduation ceremony yesterday.
Such a cute program, Young-Un's really has the best owners and staff.  Can't say enough good things about them.

Making their way in.

Getting a pep talk from Miss Deb to sing REALLY loud. :)

Singing the 'Something in my Shoe' song.

Breaking out the kazoo's

Receiving her diploma from Miss Barb

Final song with everyone.

Special cookie treats, yummy!

Rowyn and her friend, Alyssa.

Rowyn and her best preschool teacher, Miss Carsen.

After the ceremony, we went to Red Robin for dinner.  Rowyn and her Daddy played a game on the menu and Digs was announcing she won.

Her 'Me and My Mommy' page.
Good to know she thinks I'm 70.
And I drink wine because you're naughty.  Ha!
Love that girl, I really do.

Back on her very first day.

And I found this in a pile of things Camdyn brought home.

"My mom works at Mercy, but she gets coughed on and I am so sorry for her"


Thursday, May 30, 2013

House and stuff

Yes, we're still working on the house.
But we're getting close.
Real close.
And I can't wait to move in!

Most of my lights are in, like these in the mud room.  So far, my foyer light is the only one that didn't work and had to be sent back.  

My doors are all in and they're hanging trim now.  Obviously, they all have to be caulked and painted yet, but they're in.  Yay!

Tantrum because I wouldn't let her climb up into her attic playroom.  It's still a work in progress.

Clyde finished my beam ceiling yesterday.  Now caulk, paint, and putting the can lights in and it's good to go.  Just waiting on my fire place to get here.

My cabinets came in.  These are some of the gray island cabinets.  The rest will be white around the perimeter.

Clyde hung my chandelier and I finished putting it together.  I found it at Overstock for a steal...I love it!  

Hopefully, in the next week or so, a lot of things will get finished up and I can post some more pictures.  My flooring is all ordered, I can't wait for it to be in.  I'm not a patient person, this waiting is killing me.

Camdyn loves to read to me.  It's awesome to see how much she's learned this past year.

She is a super hard worker at home too, so after cleaning the entire basement and doing work in the yard, we rewarded her with getting her ears pierced.  She had desperately wanted them done and she earned them!  She was so excited, she could hardly contain herself!

Softball and baseball season's are in full swing (pun intended) and Riley had her first tournament this weekend.  She hit a line drive over left center and wound up with a grand slam.  I was so glad I got to see it, since my work schedule hasn't exactly meshed with their game schedule. 

Like MJ, Rowyn does her best work with her tongue out. ;)

Everyone in Rowyn's class got a chance to bring their classroom turtle, Tucker, home for the weekend.  You document their time together in a book he comes home with.  We had a great time with it!

We stopped at Yo So Sweet the other day and ran into our neighbors.  The boys...well, being boys.
 The girls. :)  Nice stripes, Digs.

Today was Rowyn's last day at Young Un's.  We both cried last night, when we were talking about not getting to have lunch together everyday.  Tonight is her cap and gown graduation and Im sure to be a blubbering mess.  My baby is headed to Kindergarten. How is that possible. :(

For teacher gifts this year, we went with Target gift cards and these Ball Mason jar gum balls with this super cute printable from here.

Enjoy your summer vacation!
I wonder how long before I hear, "I'm bored, there's nothing to do!"