Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Rowyn is 5

Rowyn turned 5 yesterday. 
Seriously had a hard time with that.
We spent the day together, a Rowyn-Mommy day.

 When I told her what we were doing for her special day, she kind of geeked out. :)


 First stop...and her biggest wish...she got her ears pierced.
Girl was happy up until it came time to pierce her second ear, then the tears started.
Thankfully, we got through it and she does have them both pierced.  I was beginning to think she'd be 10 by the time she was brave enough to get the other pierced.

Then we did some shopping.  She was digging the heels at Gap and even did a little dance to entertain shoppers.
The world is her stage.

After shopping, we grabbed an afternoon snack.
Digs had a frosty and fries and Mommy had a caramel latte with almond milk from Jumble.  Good stuff!

Next stop, Moxxie Salon for a spa day!

My stylist, Rose Steffes, (who is AWESOME btw!) did her gorgeous little up-do.

Rowyn was loving it!

After it was finished, she announced she looked like Cinderella and that she wished Rose could do her hair everyday. :)

 Next stop, Mani!

Rowyn opted for green thumbs and purple fingers.

Next up...her first Pedi!

The salon was a major hit.
She loved all the pampering.
Such a fun day, she was out like a light once we got in the car.

After she recharged, we headed to Happy Joe's to celebrate with Grammy and Grandpa.

They blew the horn and announced it was her birthday and she not only stood up for everyone, but she waved to everyone.  
And I mean everyone.
I think her candle about disintegrated into the sundae.

She got a purse with makeup, a wallet, money, gum, and a whole bunch of goodies from Grammy and Grandpa.  
We were home about a nanosecond before she had Camdyn doing her makeup.  She ended up in her words, looking like a zombie princess.

We had a great day.
I hope she doesn't forget about it anytime soon, I know I won't.
Happy Birthday, Rowyn Camille, we love you!

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