Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a spoooktacular Halloween.
The kids came home from school in a whirlwind, wanting to get their costumes on immediately.
I'll be honest, that first hour is not my favorite part.
Trying to get everyone something to eat.
Trying to find coordinating mittens, etc, because it was cold out this year.
Missing costume parts needing to be found.
Fighting over who gets what bag to carry.

But we got through it and then everyone was happy.

Well, not everyone...

Rowyn reached over and put her arm around Camdyn.
Camdyn protested briefly, hence the scowl.

Then the dog tried escaping.

Finally I enlisted help from dad (see his reflection in the window...haha!)
But I got them all looking and smiling.
Well, all but Cooper. ;)

Cue the goofy shot!

My little girls love the new song by Taylor Swift...We are never ever getting back together.

I busted Rowyn yesterday about to break it down. ;)