Sunday, March 16, 2014


It's true, I've been MIA.  Big time.

So, rather than a big post about how life gets crazy and priorities change, I'll just jump right into it. Kay? :)

Last weekend, my mom, my sister Meghan, and I went to Chicago for my sister's baby shower.  She's due in May with a baby girl...their first!  Can't wait!

On the drive to Chicago, Meghan and I made sure to give our mom a nice peaceful trip.
Okay, maybe not.
We get stupid, I mean outrageous.
At some point, while Meghan was driving, her gum "fell out" of her mouth.  3 feet, horizontally.  It conveniently landed on my window button.
We had

For dinner, we went to The Melting Pot in downtown Chicago.  The meal was ridiculous.  So good!  
Meghan and Caitlin (cutest prego ever!)

Artichoke hearts, edamame, portobello mushrooms,
asparagus, spinach ravioli. 

My older sister, Kathleen, was gracious enough to host the baby shower.  My mom made little onesie decorations and candy favors. 

My mom saved a lot of our baby clothes...these were some of Caitlin's with her favorite bunny toy.  My mom used them for decorations for the party and then Caitlin took them home afterwards.

I polled my kids for name ideas and here is what they came up with:
Rowyn: Lily
Camdyn: Rachel
Cooper: Abby
Riley: Piper  


Yesterday, we went to Davenport to visit Meghan.
For lunch, we ordered Jimmy John's.
This was how Clyde's sub was delivered.

We stopped at Marshall's and Gordman's to shop.
Meghan found these shoes...size 17.5!
This picture doesn't even do them justice.

Camdyn could hardly wait to start her annual Leprechaun trap.
She is convinced this will be the year she finally catches one. 

Her final project .
She told me if she catches a leprechaun, she gets three wishes.  When I asked what she would wish for, she told me:
1. A pot of gold
2. A 1-Year-Old female Golden Retriever
3. For Daddy to finally meet his Dad 
Oh my sweetness, that girl makes my heart melt.  She can certainly make me crazy on most days, but she truly has a heart of gold.  

We're still working on the house, but slowly and surely, things are coming together. 
The kids bathroom is pretty much finished, so is the half bath in the basement.  Now to finish the master bath and I'll be happy!

The gym is the hot spot of the house right now.  I'm not sure if I'm down there more or the kids!
It's not finished yet, but functional. 

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