Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

So, the trap didn't work...again.
Those sneaky Leprechaun's!
Camdyn told me they must have gotten spooked by a cat and dropped some of his gold from his pot of gold while running.
She's already making plans for a trap made out of wood for next year.

We made green playdoh this morning.
I used green food coloring, but my mom mentioned she always used green kool-aid.  So, it colors it and smells good!

It kept this little Irish girl busy for hours.  She's wearing her Cinderella glass slippers, because "they help me build, Mom!".

It didn't take long for other little Irish girls to join in on the fun.  Some Irish preteens have problems putting down their electronics.  God forbid.

My mom stopped out with a homemade card, key lime pie cupcakes, and homemade Irish soda bread.  Love her!


Living room update.  Everything is finished, except for the grout on the fireplace.

A closer view...and a photo bomber.

And this little ditty arrived today.  We had originally planned on adding a water fountain in the basement.  Didn't happen.  So instead, I bought this.  Interested to see how it works!  Less dirty cups would be the bomb diggity.

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